The Moving Violations: Elasticity

Released Jan 2014

The Moving Violations: Elasticity (Back Cover)

  1. 18th Anniversary Jig Van Kaynor / Gondolin Noah VanNorstrand / Gâteau Nappé Van Kaynor
  2. B3 Keith Murphy / Small Fox, Big Field Eric Eid-Reiner
  3. Hijaz Waltz Chuck Corman
  4. Bobe’s Pepper Chuck Corman / Idiochromatic Eric Hoffman / Clever Hans Timm Triplett
  5. High Tide Van Kaynor
  6. Dancing Vivaldi arr. Van Kaynor / The Skater Leahy
  7. La Partida
  8. Hilda’s Jig Van Kaynor / Elasticity Van Kaynor
  9. Doo Wop Jig Dan Elias / Jipsy Jig Dan Elias
  10. Uppsalapolskan
  11. Fiddling Around / Beaumont Rag
  12. Moon Over Rexville Dave Bartley / Westminster Ave. Chaos Eric Eid-Reiner
  13. North Mountain Pols Van Kaynor
  14. Over the Causeway Susan Conger / Volcanic Jig Natalie MacMaster / Lowdown Hoedown Larry Unger
  15. Fiddle Bottle Waltz Eric Eid-Reiner
  16. Rakes of Kildare / Nina’s Jig Niall Vallely

All tunes traditional unless otherwise noted.
Total time: 70:55