The Moving Violations: Quick Spin

Released November of 2004 

"Quick Spin" track list:

  1. Chasing My Tail by Van Kaynor / Getting Started by Van Kaynor / Feathers and Bones by Van Kaynor 4:50
    Like most of Van's tunes, these came to him during his serene, creative time in Nova Scotia. Chasing My Tail describes how the phrase endings run back into the beginning. The names are self explanatory, except for Feathers And Bones, which only describes what he found that day behind the kitchen stove.
  2. Lyme Jig by Van Kaynor / Farewell to the Taliban by Keith Murphy / Dragonfly Reel by Van Kaynor 4:27
    Lyme Jig was written during Van's first bout of Lyme disease. Perhaps that explains why this tune is a bit bizarre. We always hear hoots and hollers when we play Keith's mesmerizing tune, Farewell To The Taliban. After observing dragonflies at Elliot Lake in Nova Scotia, Van wrote Dragonfly Reel. Listen for them darting about in the B parts!
  3. Julottan by Mats Wallman 3:19
    Swedish - meaning first light of Christmas.
  4. Bulgur In The Pot by Becky Ashenden / The Gale by Susan Conger / The Rolling Bow by Van Kaynor 4:42
    Bulgur was cooking on Becky's stove in preparation for a pre-dance potluck supper. A title for this newly composed tune was needed to complete the transcription to hand to the band — hence the name. Van wrote The Rolling Bow because there is a distinct lack of C minor tunes in the world, and he loves those arpeggios!
  5. Hills Of Manchuria 5:36
    Becky plays bass in this tune
  6. Eamon Coyne's by Seamus Egan / Frank's Reel by John McCusker/PRS/MCPS / Tam Lin 3:17
  7. Blue Jig by Joel Mabus / Bishop and Fritz by Chuck Corman / Ivailovsko Horo 5:43
    On the day the tune Bishop and Fritz was written, a loom shipment had just been delivered by Fritz Company to Chuck?s neighbor, who brought it the rest of the way by forklift. We were inspired by a recording of Bulgarian clarinetist Ivo Papazov playing Ivailosko Horo. It's style fits into regular four and eight measure phrases, which works particularly well for contra dances. 
  8. Evit Gabriel by Daniel Thonon / Millbrae / Reel Eugene 4:30
  9. Kaynor's Place by Jim Fownes 2:25
  10. Hiawatha / Madam Neruda by J. Scott Skinner / Stoney Lake by Leahy 4:10
  11. Huck Weave Waltz by Chuck Corman / Hanging Rest Waltz by Chuck Corman 3:41
    Huck Weave is a lacelike form of fabric when warp and weft floats are woven throughout a pattern. This weave has a pleasant open feeling. Hanging Rest is named thus because it has one
  12. Hyttstenspolkett — Swedish Traditional. Becky joins in on fiddle. 2:12
  13. Green Mountain Petronella / Lipovacko Kolo / Traktosko Kolo 5:03
    The two Serbian tunes are from the book 12 Najlepsih Kola (12 Beautiful Dances). The first is from Lipova, Serbia, and is popularly played by violinist Jovica Radosavljevic. The tractor kolo was played by female accordionist Radojka Zivkovic on Radio Belgrade.
  14. Carinito by Pastor Jimenez 3:51
  15. Rainy Night In Montague by George Reynolds / Porcupine Reel by Van Kaynor 3:48
    We love Rainy Night for it's addictive 'groove' quality. Van wrote Porcupine Reel after hearing a very funny story about outsmarting a porcupine. It was originally named Reel Porc.

Total playing time: 61:43

Unnoted tunes are traditional